Sabah 88

KTM 4d Live Results from Sabah Diriwan 88 can be found at our site. This is Sabah’s leading 4D operator and Diriwan 88 have been operating for over 30 years.  They have 40 outlets and over 140 terminals in major towns of Sabah.

Their shops are strategically located in all over Sabah and dedicated to improving delivery by constantly recruiting, employing, training, and advancing talented locals of different racial and cultural backgrounds, ages, religious beliefs, and alternative lifestyles. They provide the opportunity needed for them to grow and to have the highest standards of customer service.

Draws are conducted 3 times a week, Wednesday, and weekdays, strict licensing conditions subjected, which include requirements of honesty and integrity at the highest level of standards Sabah 88 ensure all draws every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are conducted with the most stringent corporate compliance to ensure fairness and transparency to our customers.

Sabah’s Diriwan offers many games like  3D game, Lotto 6/45 game, 4D Jackpot game, and Lotto 6 game. Sabah Lotto and 4D Jackpot have produced more than a dozen Sabahan millionaires’ since their inception.  Diriwan is working to develop new games and create entertainment as well as urging our customers to play responsibly.  Consistently profitable organization, recognized for its innovativeness and social responsibilities.  KTM 4D provides the channel to connect to Sabah 88.

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