Kuda 4D is the first part of KTM which is the logo of 大马彩 DaMaCai or Pan Malaysia Pool Sdn. Bhd. This company was stablished on July 4 1988. Kuda 4D has been the prime contributor of The Community Chest or TCC, a non profit organisation whose focus is on providing education to the needy. TCC of DaMaCai is under Jana Education Malaysia (“JPM”) who acquired the whole PMP in 2011.  Jana is very interested in providing long term support towards education in the community.  

DaMacai’s logo is Support Education, Play With Us is the motto of their company. This is witnessed year by year from what they have done time over time.  Almost all 25% of all people in Malaysia have received contribution from them one way or another. They engage on contracting contractors, volunteers and other sources to work on schools and learning institutions and not providing monetary contribution directly to these institutions.  

They ensure all the funds are focussed on developing and assisting unprofitable schools which are neglected by the government.  They believe children education is the pillar to the country’s growth and the key to the countries future.  Many vernacular schools of Chinese and Tamil origin from East and West Malaysia and also Missionary Schools has been tirelessly been assisted by PMP.  Many damaged establishments has been refurbished with roofs replaced, tiles renewed, termites resolved, toilets redone and old buildings ensured safe enough for students to use.  New buildings and additional facilities such as multi-purpose halls, closed pedestrian path, science laboratories, theatres and much more have received contribution.

Any mentioned of Kuda, this game rings to mind and has become very popular in Malaysia and maybe Singapore too. Large numbers of people bet on lottery each week. 

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DaMaCai is known for its transparency and fair play, and the company is licensed and regulated by the Malaysian government. At KTM4D, you can purchase your lucky number from us through your phone and most payment methods are accepted. Don’t forget to register your account with us!